Behind every logo is a designer. Maybe several. But once a logo is part of the visual environment, it’s owned by the whole world. Every day logos are interpreted, judged and remade in the minds of their audience. 

So why do most design competitions allow a small group of people to decide what’s successful? We believe the best judge isn’t a small group gathered around some random conference room table. It’s the entire design community. 

That’s why iheartlogos was designed—to let the contestants be the judges.

This could be your date with destiny.

Speaking of dates:

02.14.15 - Happy Valentines Day! Celebrate by checking out our new website.
03.15.15 - Season 5 voting begins (8am EST)
03.31.15 - Season 5 voting ends (11:59pm EST)
04.10.15 - Season 5 winners announced

You decide the winners.

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It's not you.  It's us.

This isn’t goodbye…
It’s see you later.

After five years, we’ve drifted apart. When we started this design competition, the chemistry was undeniable, but today it’s become clear that you’re just not as into us as we are to you.

But we’re not giving up on us. We need to take some time to get our act together, but we’re going to come back better than ever.

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